Q: How do we know if our phones have message on-hold capability?

A: First, locate your business telephone's key service unit (KSU)The Big Grey Box on the wall. You may be able to identify the music on hold (MOH) port by carefully checking the KSU for an input jack or screw terminals marked "music", "external music" or "MOH".

Depending on the manufacturer and model, this input may or may not be easily identified.

Check with your telephone system provider (not the phone company e.g. bell south) and ask them if your system is already equipped for M.O.H. They should be able to give you an answer right over the phone. If it is not, your system can be easily adapted to play messages on hold for a nominal service charge from your local phone provider.

Q: Will the "Nix Communications" message work with all of our lines on our phone system?

A: Yes! It will broadcast to all callers that are placed on hold. No matter if you have one or one hundred lines. Anytime the hold button is pressed your callers will hear the message.

Q: Do we have to write our own scripts?

A: No! Just provide us the information (web site, brochures, letters, copy yellow page ad, newspaper ad or radio copy) you want to announce and we'll produce a full script that will be faxed or e-mailed to you for approval before production. We can even consult with you over the phone to gather ideas for your message.

Q: How often should we update our "Nix Communications" message?

A: That depends on your type of business. But generally speaking, your "Nix Communications" message should be updated to correspond with your marketing and promotion campaigns. We offer an affordable update program if your needs require monthly, quarterly or annual revisions.

Q: Can your service work with our automated attendant and voice mail system?

A: Yes! Depending on how your system is programmed, the message will appear every time the auto attendant places the caller on hold after entering the desired extension.

Q: We don't have a business telephone system with a ksu. All we have is a two-line telephone that plugs right into the wall. Can we still use your service?

A: Yes! We offer an inexpensive two line "message on hold adaptor" that will provide superior music on hold capabilities to any consumer-grade telephone. One of these adaptors will work with all telephones connected to the same 2 lines or phone numbers. One adaptor handles unto 2 lines.

Q: Will on hold work with call waiting?

A: No. Because "call waiting" works with one line and does not "roll over" to another line. Therefore, it is not possible to broadcast an on hold message, radio or any other audio source with "call waiting".

Q: Does the message start from the beginning every time the caller is put on hold?

A: No. It plays randomly therefore allowing the caller to hear different areas of the message every time they're asked to hold.

Q: How long is the message?

A: Our standard message is 2-3 minutes in length. In which we can comfortably accommodate between 2-4 different messages, with music background throughout. Longer messages are available if required.